HIKMICRO Ultimate Thunder Pro 50mm Smart Thermal Scope


HIK Micro Thunder 35mm Smart Thermal Scope
Hik Micro Thunder 35mm 35mK Thermal Telescopic Sights
The Thunder Thermal Weapon Scope is a very flexible and innovative package from HIK Micro.

The Thunder can be used in three configurations; a Thermal Weapon Scope, a Handheld Thermal Monocular and a Thermal Front Add-On (additional lens system required).

The Weapon Scope is supplied with a 2.1x magnification lens system and a detection distance of 1235m. Add the Picatinny rail and you’re ready to attach to your rifle. Simply detach the Picatinny rail and the Thunder can be used as a Thermal Monocular.

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HIKMICRO Ultimate Thunder Pro 50mm Smart Thermal Scope

The HIKMICRO Ultimate Thunder Pro 50mm Smart Thermal Scope, Rifle Scope Lens and Picatinny Rail, Clip-On lens and one clamp to attach to your optical Scope.

Built on HIK Micro’s compact and ergonomic Thunder chassis with the unique interchangeable lens system to seamlessly switch between a Thermal Rifle Scope, Front Clip-On and handheld Monocular.

The Thunder 50mm delivers three high-performance products in one flexible package.

The 50mm focal length provides a base magnification of 2.6x with up to 8x digital magnification and Picture-In-Picture available to explore the detail in your surroundings. The high-quality F1.0 lens system transmits all of the available infrared signal back to the sensor, boosting the detection ability and detail in the image.

At the heart of the TQ50 is HIK Micro’s 640x520px, Sub 35 NETD thermal sensor. This extremely accurate sensor is capable of delivering a detailed, high resolution image in the harshest of conditions.

HIK Micro’s advanced algorithm processes this raw signal and delivers a detailed image to the 10mm OLED display. The Thunder automatically recognises the lens system you have attached and the configuration you are using it in (Riflescope, Clip On or Monocular) and optimises the display to match.

The powerful software built into the Thunder TQ50 offers, 5 reticle styles in a choice of 3 colours, picture in picture and hot tracking which marks the hottest point on the screen and the ability to save video and pictures to the 16gb internal memory. You can choose from 4 colour palettes, white-hot, black hot, red hot and fusion.

The Thunder also connects to the T-Vision app to seamlessly control, stream and record your shooting experience.

Powered by removable CR123 batteries, you can expect up to 4 hours run time. You can also extend this with the use of an external USB power bank.

Thunder Clip-On Scope Clamp Sizes:

  • 40A = Suitable for Scopes with a 47mm-51mm Objective.
  • 50A = Suitable for Scopes with a 55mm-59mm Objective.
  • 60A = Suitable for Scopes with a 62mm-66mm Objective.
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