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Archery & Accessories – We have compiled a range of Archery, Bow & Arrow & Crossbow kits to help make buying a bow or crossbow easier. Some of the kits are pre-packed and are available as Recurve Bows ( Single String ) and Compound Bows ( Pulley Type System ) and are supplied to us from the manufacturer’s to make it nice and simple, just pick the style and the power by lbs on the bow required.

Compound Bows

Compound style bows are designed for maximum accuracy and are the newest style of archery equipment.

The main difference between a compound bow and a recurve bow is the pulley cam style system attached to each limb.  As the bow is drawn, the cam rotates and compresses the limbs.  When the bow string cam approaches the fully drawn back position, the holding weight decreases sharply to less than half the draw weight allowing the archer to aim more steadily due to less bow strength pressure.

Compound Bows are the most accurate style of Bow & Arrows due to the release aids and scopes that can be added. The accuracy increases due to the speed as this gives the arrows a flatter trajectory.  The compound bow division is becoming hugely popular as its more on skill than physical strength.

Recurve Bows

Recurve style bows are still the most popular style of archery in the UK, recurve archery is accessible by people of all abilities and is usually the first type of bow a person will try out to learn with.

Traditional Bows

Traditional archery is archery in its original form and will use bows emphasising natures raw materials and are normally what’s known as Long Bows with no add on’s Just your skill with a bow and arrow.


Crossbows have been around a very long time but still continue to evolve and are still widely used today. Crossbows unlike Bow & Arrows are age restricted (18 years or older).