Reasons why to Visit Tamworth Tamworth has a lot of history & a lot of things to do within an 8 mile radius of the town centre...

Tamworth Staffordshire Location

Brief History Tamworth –

Situated in the heart of England to the north east of Birmingham, Tamworth is Staffordshire’s second biggest town that has an incredible amount to offer any visitor.

Historically, Tamworth goes back to Roman rule and is close to the famous Watling Street one of the major roman arteries across the country at the time. After Roman rule ended the region was occupied by the Anglo Saxons where the Tamworth area was said to have been settled by the Angles and even sacked by Vikings in 874.  Under Norman occupation an impressive 11 century Castle was built, and this still hold a prominent location in Tamworth and is a popular visitor attraction.   In the 14th century Tamworth had become an important market trading site and attracted two royal charters allowing it to hold annual market fairs.  By the 19th century Tamworth had further developed to one of the largest towns in the region and was becoming known for its good trading links around the country.  Initially by the commissioning of a new canal system then through the introduction of the railways, Tamworth is well supported with motorway, rail and bus links: for example, Bristol, York and London are no more than a two-hour drive in each direction thanks to its great infrastructure and central location.

The famous Victorian Prime Minister Robert Peel was the towns MP from 1830 and lived in the nearby Drayton Manor now Drayton Manor Park, the second most popular activity park in the UK. Today the Town is bustling with every conceivable activity and attraction from the giant Snowdome where you can ski, even in the middle of summer through to many renowned Golf courses, there is activity and entertainment for just about any sport or activity you can think of almost around every corner. CLS brings you the very best of what is on offer and in a package to suit your needs and pocket.